• More than 3,000 films
    have been protected

    24/7/365 monitoring

  • Only effective protection

    80% of the pirated files
    will be removed less than in 30 minutes

  • Copyright Is
    The Principal Property

After its being established, Internet Copyright Management LLC has had a single end in mind: to protect copyrighted materials from illegal use and distribution on the Internet.

Mostly, we protect audiovisual works. Unlicensed copies are scanned worlwide, regardless websites domains or servers locations. The employees of ICM offices are joined together by our corporate information network, which facilitates the use of prior experience, contact lists, and our database. The most part of processes are performed by software we have been developing and improving for more than 6 years.

Our clients are software and game developers, motion picture companies, distribution companies, and production centers who own exclusive rights to intellectual property. ICM has been effectively combating the illegal online use and distribution of software products and media content since 2008.