About us

Since its founding in 2008, Internet Copyright Management LLC has had a single end in mind – to protect copyrighted materials from illegal use and distribution on the Internet. The company’s internal communications, personnel recruitment and training practices, and structure have all been crafted with this purpose in mind.

Our clients are software and game developers, motion picture companies, distribution companies, and production centers which  own exclusive rights to intellectual property.

Exclusive rights to media content are our clients' most valuable asset. In order to protect media content that is particularly vulnerable to illegal online use and distribution, we are most active during the critical film release period, when we move quickly to prevent illegal use of our client’s product and to register violations and recover losses. When working with software products, our priority is continuing protection of new products and new versions.

Two principles always guide our activities:

  • ICM is always more than just a legal company.
  • Our services are always more than just protection.

We understand that in order to protect our clients’ exclusive rights in cyberspace, we must deal effectively with massive quantities of violations under multiple national jurisdictions. Hence, we have assembled a team of specialists from a wide variety of fields, including web administrators, copyright specialists, and trial attorneys who work at our offices. Furthermore, all coworkers are joined together by our corporate information network, which facilitates the use of prior experience, contact lists, and our knowledge base.

Today ICM effectively counters the illegal online use and distribution of software products and media content.