Vision and values

Visions and values

Our vision is to achieve success in all our online film and software protection campaigns. Our clients are the owners of valuable rights to films, cartoons, computer games and software, which are most vulnerable to illegal online use and distribution. Since ICM’s founding, our goal has been to minimize the losses that our clients sustain from online copyright infringements, or to recover their losses. The key principles of our protection services and strategy are:

  • an energetic and imaginative approach to the protection of our clients' interests.
  • employing like-minded and dedicated staff
  • in-depth knowledge of the global Internet market; we both "know how" and "know who"
  • updating and expanding our database of offenders and violations
  • refraining from legal action against offenders who choose to cooperate
  • legal action against repeat offenders


  • We design protection campaigns in such a way as to achieve the desired outcome. Prior to beginning a protection campaign, we carefully work out all the operational details and only begin the campaign after weighing all the risks involved.
  • Our aim is to discover and put a stop to illegal online product use and distribution as quickly as possible. When this is not possible, we assist the copyright owner in seeking indemnity.
  • We strictly follow the plan of action agreed upon with the client before the start of the protection campaign.
  • We meet our obligations responsibly and conscientiously.
  • Our management style rewards creative and unconventional thinking, allowing us to defend our clients' legal interests to the furthest extent possible.

Initiatives and innovations

We often find that we must once more lay a path through uncharted territory. Innovative legal practice in the protection of copyrights in cyberspace is an important part of what we offer our clients.

ICM uses innovative proprietary software that is perfected and optimized on a daily basis as we acquire additional experience.